Strengthen and Beautify Your Buildings

At Vintage Textured Wall Systems Inc. we offer a host of services that not only beautify, but keep your commercial and residential spaces strong and protected.

Services Offered



Exterior Insulated Finish System (EIFS) is a versatile product with many benefits. It provides added efficiency to your building or home by adding insulation under the textured coating. It can also add endless architectural detailing that is not always possible or cost efficient when using other cladding such as brick, metal panels or siding. The textured coating is available in various textures and can also be matched to any color imaginable to suit the owner’s tastes. 

*see Mouldings & Architectural Details for added detail to your EIFS products

Caulking & Sealants

Caulking & sealants are used around windows, doors or exterior expansion gaps and among other areas. Caulking will add efficiency, leak prevention, expansion, and insect nesting prevention along with adding a much cleaner crisp look to your walls, windows & doors. At Vintage Textured Wall Systems Inc., we only use the best of the commercial grade caulking and we take care to match the caulking colors to our EIFS products or simulated stone panels.

Interior & Exterior Specialty Design Finishes

Interior specialty design finishes such as Venetian plasters, Indiana limestone simulation, Spacco freestyle coating, etc. will add the old world or modern look to your interior design.

Manufactured Stones

Manufactured stones come in a large variety of shapes and styles. They are manufactured to simulate old world stone facades as well as some contemporary and more modern looks. These stones will add elegance and timeless beauty to your property. These stones are lightweight and can be adhered or mechanically fastened to most wall surfaces with no structural impact, whether it is interior or exterior.

Masonry & Masonry Restoration

Masonry & masonry restoration applied by our Red Seal & COR certified bricklayers will ensure the project is completed to your specifications and guidelines.

Highlights of our offered masonry services can be found through our sister company Vintage Brick & Stone Inc.

Mouldings & Architectural Details

Mouldings & architectural details will add flare and show stopping creativity  to your building or home. Mouldings can be custom made, either replicated from existing product or designed at choice. Architectural details used in conjunction with our EIFS products include grooves, key stones and archways and much more



Parging is a direct applied coat applied over existing concrete or masonry substrates to achieve a clean new look. It can also be used over ICF foundation to achieve a clean concrete simulated look.

Scaffolding & Scaffolding Enclosures

Scaffolding end frame can be installed for client rental. It’s used in conjunction with one or more of our product applications at heights. Scaffolding enclosures & overhead protection platforms are other added choices along with debris netting & tarping to contain any loose falling debris/tools/materials on to the property or public walkways or roadways.

Textured Floor Coatings

Jewelstone is cement based textured floor coating offered on interior or exterior floors that is custom applied to the desired look. Many combinations of colors or designs offered can also be applied to interiors walls.

Give your property a brand new look!